VA – Big Love Accapellas 5 [BLDC032D]

Big Love Accapellas 5
Release: Big Love Accapellas 5
Remixers: Art Of Tones
Format: Mp3, Wav
Artists: Soul Avengerz, Audiowhores, Mark Picchiotti, Michelle Weeks, Eric Kupper, Seamus Haji, DJ Fudge, Rasmus Faber, Sam Karlson, Mike, Mike Dunn, Kathy Brown, Angela Johnson, Yass, Debbie Jacobs, Miss Patty, Jersey Street, Dyanna Fearon, Dirty Channels, Chanelle, Mark Lower, JKriv, Birdee, Phebe Edwards, Allusion, Saison, Nigel Lowis, Saucy Lady, Supa Hi, Elle Cato, Fleur De Mur, Luke Delite, Soul City Connection
Label: Big Love Music
Styles: DJ Tools
Date: 2023-03-24
Catalog # BLDC032D
Tracks: 20

Debbie Jacobs, Dirty Channels – Let Love In (Accapella) 2:41
Seamus Haji, Mike – Disco Dreams (Accapella) 4:54
Miss Patty, Saison – Spark It Up (Accapella) 3:19
Michelle Weeks, Sam Karlson, Luke Delite – Because Of You (Art Of Tones Accapella) 5:44
Angela Johnson, JKriv – Not That Serious (Accapella) 4:50
Eric Kupper, Chanelle – One Man (Accapella) 6:51
Seamus Haji, Kathy Brown – A Better Place (Accapella) 4:48
Angela Johnson, Birdee – Something About You (Accapella) 5:10
Rasmus Faber, Dyanna Fearon – All Of My Dreams (Accapella) 3:08
DJ Fudge, Yass – (I Know) I’m Losing You (Accapella) 3:45
Mike Dunn – It’s A Groove Thang (Black Glitter LB Accapella) 4:20
Audiowhores, Elle Cato – Burning Up (Accapella) 4:21
Mark Lower, Fleur De Mur – Burn For Love (Accapella) 4:37
Seamus Haji, Phebe Edwards – Better Come Again (Accapella) 4:46
Mark Picchiotti, Jersey Street – Love Will Be Our Guide (Dr Packer Accapella) 4:48
Dyanna Fearon, Birdee – Signal (Accapella) 4:41
Nigel Lowis, Soul City Connection – Brotherly Love (Accapella) 4:53
Saucy Lady – Reunite Under Starlight (Accapella) 3:35
Soul Avengerz, Supa Hi – Running Away (Accapella) 6:18
Allusion – Think About Me (Accapella) 3:21